The Skiing and Snowboarding Slalom Race

On 14th - 16th  January 2011, a few OG students took part in the 3rd Prague International Schools Skiing and Snowboarding Slalom Race in Pec pod Sněžkou. In Smetánka chalet, they met approximately 40 participants from schools like ECP, PBS, EISP etc.

On the OG team were Vanessa Plavjaniková, Pavel Samčenko and Eva Eöllősová. Despite the big competition, bad weather conditions, and the difficult race course, our racers finished in very good positions on the score sheet. In the Men's Snowboarding category Pavel Samčenko came in second, and among the Ladies Skiing Eva Eöllősová had the second fastest time. Vanessa Plavjaniková came in 8th place.

Marcela Gnadová