Friday news

Dear Parents, Guardians, Students, Graduates and Friends of Open Gate,

With another Friday another weekly newsletter arrives. After the freezingly cold week, the ice on the ponds is rapidly starting to disappear, the temperatures are rising to above zero, and temperatures of around 17 degrees along with the warm sun rays are awaiting us on the weekend.

This week of March was also full of events, so let me briefly inform you about the few most interesting ones.

Let's start with the Monday upper gymnasium assembly, where a number of our colleagues shared their experience of a long stay abroad for the purpose of education. It was colorful, rich, interesting, instructive and entertaining. Thanks to all the presenters.

On Tuesday, the school deputy attended a presentation by John B. Taylor, professor of economics at Stanford University, and this year's laureate of the Liberal Institute's annual awards. And by the way, it was very pleasant to meet our graduates at the venue (the Czech National Bank). Hi Verča!

On our FB page you can read about the success of a Czech hockey team in Canada and about how the team was supported by an amazing goalkeeper. Michal is another extraordinary example of the ability to manage demanding studies with a high-level sport. Congratulations!

Other students, in addition to demanding academics, also manage other hobbies as well, and so yesterday it was possible to see the performance of Medvěd (Bear) by A.P. Čechov from the theatrical production of the theater U Rybníčku in our theatre. An extremely successful play about money, love, and two temperamental people. Great, thank you!

Another group of students is still busy working on the preparation of TEDx events, which you can follow up on FB, and I’m also adding the registration form:

I will also return to last Friday and Saturday, where at the Menza conference I mentioned last time Mrs. Kožnarová and our students shared their experiences with Student Organized Learning. Thanks for the involvement of Natalia Žalmanová and Johana Lukešová.

Today a group of students went to Pardubice to Expo Science AMAVET for the regional round of competition for high-school student scientific and technical projects of high school. So we hope that it will enrich them and move them forward in their interests.

Two of our students got to the regional round of the Geography competition, Dan and Matěj!

The 12th floorball tournament was also held last week and complete info can be found here:

Finally, let me remind you that the next Run and Help is approaching. You can find the introduction of this year's information here:

Information on the goal can be found here:

So please share, pass on, and encourage yourself to join us. We will run again at OG in the spring and we hope that others will in many other places in the Czech Republic as well. Last year there were over 60 organized runs.

Enjoy the spring weekend,

Petr Chára