Friday news from grammar school

Dear Parents, Guardians, Students, Graduates, and Friends of Open Gate.

Here comes another Friday, which means, among other things, that you’re reading yet another Friday letter.

The week started with beautiful, sunny weather, with temperatures above 10°C (20°C in the sun). Although the sky is grey today, the sun will greet us again shortly.

However, the temperatures are below zero at night, the mountains are still covered with snow, and winter sport enthusiasts can keep on being excited about a great skiing experience.

The week was busy with both traditional and non-traditional events.

One of which was Monday’s morning assembly for the lower school, this time prepared by guests from an animal rescue station. An interesting topic with much information, so thank you to our guests for coming and thanks to our colleagues for the organization.

Meetings and interviews with native speakers took place in the subject of Modern Languages (a group of second foreign languages).

There were many competitions: the district Round of the Geography Competition, and the school round of the Pangea Mathematical Competition. The results arrived from the regional round of the mathematical competition. Congratulations to Jakub from Oktáva for a beautiful second place and being among the best mathematicians in the Czech Republic in the given category.

But OG students don’t live solely for competitions, sometimes he or she seeks cultural experience as well. On Tuesday students attended a performance of Macbeth in Prague, and on Thursday there was an authors’ reading for the Creative Writing Academic Club.

Also on Tuesday, Kvinta students went for a visit to the Prague Zoo. You could have already noticed that on our FB page, of course.

Speaking about FB, if you can, share this important information with your friends please:

The deadline for applications for this year's admission procedure is quickly approaching.

The Kellner Family Foundation is only accepting scholarship applications until March 1st .

We are growing fast and are thus in need of new colleagues.

We would love to increase the number of runners in this year’s Run and Help.

You all know today’s power of social media, so try to help a good cause. Thank you.

Speaking about healthy exercise, I need to mention our FLOG floorball league. Other matches took place and we are slowly approaching the play-off.

And I got one more piece of information for you! The survey about the offers of the Vodvoz services was aimed for the parents of our day students. This service will not be happening due to the fact that out of 24 parents who have sent their reaction, only 12 were interested.

The traditional holidays are in front of us. Therefore, I wish all the skiers great weather conditions, and to non-skiers – enjoy your week elsewhere. Have a great time, be careful and expect another newsletter on Friday after the holidays.

Until next time,