Friday news from grammar school

Dear Parents, Guardians, Students, Graduates, and Friends of Open Gate.

We have a proverb in Czech (Studený Máj, ve stodole ráj), which says that a cold month of May creates a paradise in the barn. If that is true then the farmers are jumping with joy because the temperatures are well below the long-term average. During the Wednesday rain, the temperature was slightly above zero. However, we can look forward to a weekend when significant warming is to come.

The colder days certainly did not bother our Oktáva students, as they were sweating enough anyway. The International Baccalaureate exams continued on Monday. That morning, Psychology (two tests at a high level) was written, with Mathematics in the afternoon. That continued on Tuesday, with German in the afternoon. Then more German on Wednesday morning and Economics came after lunch. The next two Economics tests came on Thursday (one high level, one for standard level) and in the afternoon it was time for English. That also took place this morning, and at 1 p.m., two demanding tests from  high level Physics begin. This completes two-thirds of the testing, and next week there is the final act. So we’re keeping our fingers crossed!

On Monday morning our Spanish students returned from Alicante and they praised the trip very much. You can remind yourself of this exchange here:

Students from the French city of Rosteren have been staying in our school since last Friday.

On Tuesday, our representatives participated in the traditional Mathematical Competition MASO. On Wednesday, Sexta set out for the National Theater in the early evening, and Kvinta went to the Rococo theatre on Thursday. There was also another visit with information about studying at prestigious universities abroad. All of it will definitely be on the web.

Throughout the week, the IELTS English proficiency testing took place, mapping students’ progress and helping to break down their language levels to form groups for the upcoming school year. By the way, there are only six weeks left to its end. Yes, the time is moving fast.

Today, many groups are scheduled to depart for the Duke of Edinburgh's Bronze and Silver Expeditions of the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

What's new on our social networks? News and photos from the first aid course, the success of our debaters, the month of poetry, news from Petr Maňas of the University of Edinburgh, photos from a visit from Korea… A lot of interesting stuff!

By the way, our video from Run and Help has over 5100 views. Has it inspired you as well?

So, this was a brief report of the 34th week of OPEN GATE's 14th School Year.

All of you have a nice weekend and coming week!

Until next time.