Math Challenge

At the end of November, the Math challenge returned to OG. The students from Kvinta to Oktava experienced for the second year an international math competition called Math Challenge. The students were well aware of the high level of competition but they proved to everybody that they were able to repeat last year’s success. In fact they even raised the expectation from the last year. Let’s just talk numbers. The overall average result of all competitors was 48,5 points. The average for OG students was 54.4 points. Out of 21 OG students who took a part in this year’s competition, a full two-thirds of them won a gold, silver or bronze certificate. Just 6% of the most successful participants earned the gold certificate, and we congratulate Marek Svoboda, who became a member of this elite group. Five more students earned the silver certificate (18 % of the best participants) and 8 students got the bronze certificate (40 % of the best participants).

We congratulate all of the OG students who tackled this challenge, and we hope to maintain such high standards in the upcoming year.

Luděk Michalík