Friday news from grammar school

Dear Parents, Guardians, Students, Graduates, and Friends of Open Gate.

Another week has passed and in contrast with last Friday, when we celebrated International Women’s Day, today commemorates the anniversary of one of the most tragic events of our modern past. Today we are remembering 80 years since the occupation of Bohemia and Moravia by Nazi Germany and the liquidation of our republic. I would recommend recalling this in a number of today's news sources, comments, discussions, shows, events, etc.

But now we will briefly summarize the ending of the working week at OG, which was accompanied by somewhat funny weather. The sun showed its face for a moment, we had a moment of rain, sometimes there was even snow and it was especially very windy.

We started the week with a regular assembly on Monday, and since it was the European Brain Day, our colleagues had prepared interesting activities and competitions for practicing and challenging this part of our body. Thank you!

On Tuesday, among other things, I went with my colleagues for an active Tuesday tour of the track for Run and Help. This year’s R and H is coming in a month, there are no traces of snow in the woods anymore and therefore it is the ideal time to work out or just take a walk in the fresh air in order to  train. Recommended!

The evening that day also had a moment of culture! The Tercie students saw a performance of Romeo and Juliet at the Vinohrady Theater, which you have certainly noticed on our FB page.

A three-day psychology project prepared for Kvinta students in the school’s theater started on Tuesday.

On Thursday our young scientists and technicians visited the Festival of Science and Technology in Pardubice.

Others are also preparing for a big event within the SingularityU Czech Summit, where we have been offered invitations for our active students by the KidsXO project.

On Thursday, our oldest students, Oktáva, had a professional workshop on the topic of the transition to university.

And because we started with a sad announcement today, we’ll end on an optimistic note. Yesterday, the Czech football club managed to move to the quarterfinals of European League after 20 years, in an absolutely unbelievable, exciting match against the triple winner of the past years. Czech football fans are celebrating regardless of club affiliation, yet: let SLAVIE live! Big congratulations.

So, that’s everything for today. Just a reminder that the graduation ball is approaching, the run is around the corner as well and much, much more is to come.

Stay in touch through FB, Instagram and our website and until next time,