​April is Poetry Month at OG

The OG English Department has claimed “American Poetry Month” as their own. Throughout the month, there will be an increased focus on poetry in the English classrooms. We’ve been studying haiku poems from the far East, the sonnets of Shakespeare, and various rhyming (and non-rhyming!) poets from around the globe. Multiple classes have been enjoying the inspirational spring weather and trying their own hand at writing a poem or two. At the end of the month, students will be able to put their poems into a school-wide poetry 2017 book.

We also have multiple poetry events outside of the classroom, including two open mic poetry readings (after school in the theatre) on Thursday 6.4 and Thursday 27.4, both at 15:30. The poetry month will culminate in our 2nd annual OG Poetry Slam Competition where students from kvinta and above can expressively perform their own poetry in the student café in order to compete for the top prize.

Veronika Macura