Gold EDIE participants earn money

On Friday 18. 5. 2012 our EDIE group, which consisted of  Filip Chalupa, Nikol Chadimová, Zuzka Leoploldová and Kristýna Hříbalová began its weekend trip to Kobylí. We went there to earn some money for already completed medical course, to train team cooperation and finally to get to know each others physical strengths. During the weekend we ate and cooked some meals by our self but for breakfast we got typical Moravian pie from grandmother. On Friday, we arrived to Kobylí and after we settled down, we went for a tour around the village. On Saturday, the hard work begun at eight o'clock. Our job was to carry bottles to the cellar and than settle them. In total we managed to stack up 3500 bottles with volume 0.7l (1.5 kg) and 510 bottles with volume 1.5l (3 kg). On Sunday we saw procession of small kids in folk costumes and continued to stock the bottles. We enjoyed the whole trip and we also gained some money for other EDIE activities.

Kristýna Hříbalová