Friday news

Dear Parents, Guardians, Students, Graduates and Friends of Open Gate,

Mid-April is accompanied by almost summer temperatures and another batch of information is here again. This week was extremely busy with events, so I'll try to summarize them briefly.

Firstly, something more about RUN and HELP 2018, which took place yesterday. Students and parents already had some brief info yesterday but for everyone else; this year's RaH has been exceedingly successful.

Beautiful weather, great atmosphere. At this moment, we are collecting charity contributions and everything will be clear next week. Every runner contributes as much as he/she thinks fit, but even parents are not behind! According to this morning’s info, parents had sent more than 21 thousand crowns either giving money to their children or sending it straight to Konto Bariery! We will evaluate, sum up and publish it all soon. Regardless of the number of miles or crowns, the essence remains a pleasant common experience, a sense of belonging, a movement under the clear, blue sky in the fresh air - and that’s priceless. Thank you all very much for your participation or support.

Another extraordinary event, OPEN GATE TEDx, awaits us tomorrow. The hectic preparations have been in full swing for a long time, TEDx theme song school bell is ringing, the whole team is covered with OG TEDx T-shirts, and advertisements are on the walls and on the sidewalks. All of this contributes to the atmosphere of this amazing event so let it be successful tomorrow! More info will follow.

This week the second round of admissions to the secondary school continued and for two days there were also interviews with the candidates. We have evaluated everything, and we are now waiting for the results of the state tests. These should be released on April 27 and we are obliged to make announcements by May the 2nd.

On Wednesday there was the OG swimming Cup of the higher gymnasium. A beautiful second place for OG, and congrats to the swimmers from Přípotoční. Photos and info are on FB.

There you will also find a report from last weekend stating OG students Alexander Carr and Alexander Sušič won an international debating tournament in Bratislava. Big congratulations!

Some of our students also had rounds of mathematical and chemical competitions, and others went to the theater in Prague.

On Thursday afternoon, we, the teachers, also had the quarterly pedagogical counsel and next week there will be another parents’ evening on Wednesday and Thursday afternoon.

Even in the flood of events, we did not overlook the fact that school attendance by our Oktáva students has ended. Now they are waiting “just” for graduation exams, both Czech and international. This tenth group of young and promising people will soon leave the nest of OPEN GATE. So, let’s wish them the very best!

For me personally, this is an unbelievable 24th year of teaching and I can honestly say that this event (leaving of the graduates) is still touching. Perhaps even more, since "my" first students are in their forties now, and I’m still in regular contact with them.

OG alumni are a little younger (although the first ones are already 28), the times have changed a bit, but shared experiences and memories remain. What's more, I look forward to more and more years ahead. It’s easy when your job is your hobby as well, and this is true for all my colleagues, so know that your children are in good hands here.

I wish you a beautiful sunny weekend,

Petr Chára