Friday news from grammar school

Dear Parents, Guardians, Students, Graduates, and Friends of Open Gate.

Time goes by and another two weeks are behind us. Additionally, this Friday is a pretty special one.

So, dear women (girls, ladies, daughters, mothers, grandmothers…) – I wish you all the best!

During the spring holidays, we were able to enjoy beautiful spring weather and the trend continues even afterward.

What’s new?

This week’s senior assembly was again dedicated to a more serious topic – malignant diseases. Interesting and educational, thank you!

Monday was also the day for the Chemistry competition to continue, and a vernissage for an exhibition from the IB Art course began. Moreover, a student from our partner school in France has arrived here on an internship, welcome!

There was the third parent’s café of this year on Tuesday, and the hosts were from the Counselling Services this time. Thank you for your visit and thanks to our colleagues for the organizing the program. You can look forward to another one, which is coming in just under three weeks, and the topic this time will be: Where to go after OG? This includes studying at universities both abroad and here in the Czech Republic. You’re more than welcomed to come.

The whole day of Wednesday was dedicated to the OG Floorball Cup. I’ll leave a complete overview to my colleague Michal Kašpar and you can read about it on our web.

Yesterday there was a basketball match in Čelákovice and the Rustic Pathway program of was introduced to our students in the afternoon.

Today, Sekunda students are enjoying a theater performance about cyberbullying and this event will end this busy week.

And just for your information, during this week we, the teachers, gave 800 lessons in total – in 8 grades for 15 classes.

Moreover, we are processing applications for both the high school and elementary school, and in April of this year, we’ll be selecting the next members to our OG community; for the sixteenth time in the high school and for the tenth time in the grammar school.

Now a look forward – next week will include, among other things, a Psychology project, the introduction of the Summer Programs, a theatre performance of Romeo and Juliet, a robotics festival in Pardubice and much more.

The weather is very nice, so go take a trip to the outdoors and don’t forget to train! Another RUN AND HELP will take place in April, so share the information. We would be glad to include more groups into this event. Thank you!

Until next time stay in touch on our website and FB page and have a wonderful week.