Friday news from grammar school

Dear Parents, Guardians, Students, Graduates, and Friends of Open Gate.

It is Friday the 13th, the second week of September is coming to an end and although the holidays are long over, the summer temperatures remain. Autumn is showing us its warm September face, the temperatures are a bit over 20 – ideal for outside activities. I’ll mention those, however, at the very end.

We started the week with a traditional assembly, this time for the upper high school. The topic was concerning choices of academic courses of the CTM Academy and our guest was the director of the academy Miss Jeanne Bočková. Thank you for your visit.

Moving on to the main topic of today’s letter.  Last time I promised you that we will soon bring you information about the destinations of this year’s graduates. You can find the complete overview on our web in the Graduates section – the year 2019. I will now only shortly summarize where are their journeys heading; the journeys of students once born in Prague, Mladá Boleslav, Brno, Opočno, Pardubice, Frýdek-Místek or Chomutov, who then spent up to 8 years in a school in one Central Bohemian village.

Certain individuals went overseas to the US and Canada, a bigger number of them then to England and Scotland, some also chose Netherlands, Italy, Israel and there were of course even those who stayed here in Prague. You can see that the paths of our graduates are pretty colorful, same as the degrees they chose to study. These include biochemistry, chemical physics, marine biology, politics, economics, computer science or design and arts.

What does this point towards? The whole essence of OPEN GATE. We help students individually, we open the doors of many fields in science and humanities for them, we equip them with language and organization skills, which prepare them for studying anywhere in the world. Their destination only depends on their choice. We help, develop and make offers for them but we don’t push nor make decisions for anyone. Looking back at the huge number of successful graduates, we can proudly say that we chose a hard yet the right path 15 years ago.

Speaking about our graduates, I can’t forget to mention their posts on our FB. This week you could read about the successful end of Dominika’s Bachelor studies. Domča’s journey from OG lead to London, then back to Prague again and she will begin her Master studies in Groningen in the Netherlands – the same study place of Míša, about whose successes we informed you a few months ago. Another of our graduates, Mája, who studied in Nottingham for a change, visited us on Wednesday for a preventive program for our Oktáva. On Thursday, students could meet with Jakub, who came to describe a process of admission to Oxford University. Thank you to both. A very pleasant message came from New Jersey’s Drew University this week, where Leoš is doing extremely well and an article about his path from OG to the US will be published soon. Congratulations as well. We could continue with this for an eternity, but let’s focus on our present students.

Extracurricular activities started this week and the list of options is again very diverse. The activities outside of school also include DofE expeditions. One of those took place last weekend in Volary and another one will happen in Novohradské hory today. Those who are on the dormitories took advantage of the warm weather as well and enjoyed a traditional Czech bonfire.

Next week among other things represents the Mobility Week. So, don’t forget to take care of your body with some exercises, a short walk is enough, but you can also go on a refreshing run or a bike ride. The weather is perfect, and it won’t be so for long! Tomorrow, for example, a traditional quarter marathon is taking place in Babice, we can meet there. And if it helps, try to record your workouts, today’s apps, fitness bracelets or watches are great helpers. I will try to be an example yet my August average of 13256 steps will hardly be surpassed. ????

So, the next week is behind us, I’m glad I could inform you all about it and I will look forward in seven days again. Until then enjoy your week and have a good time.

Until next time,