News from OPEN GATE

Dear Parents, Guardians, Students, Graduates and Friends of Open Gate, 

Here we are in the last week of the soon to be behind us first semester of 2016/​2017.

And it is still freezing, snowing – winter in all its brutal beauty. For us this week saw the beauty of Mr Chara’s Monday assembly to the Junior section on the theme of his favourite author, Bill Bryson, and today, weather permitting , it is the turn of Mr Sruta. 

On Tuesday, 233 of our gymnasium students received their end of term reports, (two have their classification postponed till later). Their results are praiseworthy indeed and again will go down in the annals of Open Gate for posterity to ponder over. And ponder our students doubtless shall – could I have done better, will these grades stand me in good stead in the years to come, each will come to their own conclusion. Just remember that behind these seemingly cold and stark numbers lies a wealth of effort from all. Congratulations. 

It is with pleasure that I report that a total of 171 boys and girls received their reports with “Distinction.” That figure represents a thumping 73% of all students. A total of 65 students gained straight 1 in all their subjects across the board. Staggering! 

Here is the breakdown for individual classes: 

PRIMA A, overall average 1,415

9 students with Distinction, 5 of whom straight 1 in all subjects: Česnek, Dvořák, Pokorná, Švejdová, Votlučková 

PRIMA B, overall average 1,435

11 students with Distinction, 3 of whom with straight 1 in all subjects: Havlík, Hrabal, Chára 

SEKUNDA A, overall average 1,096

18 students with Distinction, 9 of whom with straight 1 in all subjects: Bánhidai, Borovič, Horská, Kolářová, Kulhánková, Louda, Matura, Nebuželská, Nováková 

SEKUNDA B, overall average 1,215

17 students with Distinction, 8 of whom with straight 1 in all subjects: Bažantová, Hložková, Kratochvíla, Neumannová, Novák, Rendlová, Sikorová, Škorpil 

TERCIE A, overall average 1,193

14 students with Distinction, 8 of whom with straight 1 in all subjects: Archalousová, Fojtíková, Hauferová, Kolomazník, Kubíček, Roušarová, Sedláková, Stránská 

TERCIE B, overall average 1,324

14 students with Distinction, 2 of whom with straight 1 in all subjects: Hauferová, Uhlířová 

KVARTA A, overall average 1,333

12 students with Distinction, 5 of whom with straight 1 in all subjects: Dušková, Hrebík, Matejas, Procházková, Trpišovský, 

KVARTA B, overall average 1,272

14 students with Distinction, 7 of whom with straight 1 in all subjects: Dolejší, Kopřivová, Němcová, Pavlovec, Rodina, Rott, Škařupa, 

KVINTA A, overall average 1,406

14 students with Distinction, 1 of whom with straight 1 in all subjects: Míšková 

KVINTA B, overall average 1,320

15 students with Distinction, 3 of whom with straight 1 in all subjects: Lisichkina, Rendla, Vařáková 

SEXTA , overall average 1,314

13 students with Distinction, 3 of whom with straight 1 in all subjects: Janečková, Kratochvílová, Rott 

SEPTIMA, overall average 1,435

10 students with Distinction, 6 of whom with straight 1 in all subjects: Kernalová, Kolomazníková, Plešák, Poláková, Šindelář, Tyburcová 

OKTAVA, overall average 1,416

10 students with Distinction, 5 of whom with straight 1 in all subjects: Milošová, Mrázková, Podhajská, Polánek, Scholzová 

I trust that in all the above I have not overlooked anyone. Certainly all deserve congratulation and also some will have been a little disappointed, but there is still time! 

There are four subjects at Open Gate that are compulsory for every student – Czech language, English, Mathematics and Physical education. The next group comprising Geography, History, Chemistry, Biology, Physics are compulsory for the first six years, after which in the last two years subject choices are made for specialization within the framework demands of the International Baccalaureate. The most challenging of all the subjects, in view of the results attained this year, must be Physics with student averages being 1,883. Nonetheless, even here a third gained Distinction and no-​one received simply Satisfactory on their grades report. The expected spread of between 100% to 60% therefore obtained. On the other hand of all the compulsory subjects it was English once again that enjoyed the highest grades with an overall school average of 1,252, (78% gaining straight 1). But for the highest of the highest we have to go to Music where the overall school average was a mighty 99,4%.

68 students opted for German, 66 for Spanish and 47 for French. Here German proved itself to be the hardest nut to crack with averages coming in at 1,555; the other two at around 1,2.

The majority of our Open Gate students are a tough breed with zero absence showing on their record, the overall school average of absences per student interestingly pans out at 41 taught hours, which in turn equates to six working days. 

Tomorrow due to the semester holiday we will enjoy an extended weekend, well-​deserved I might add! Be fit and ready for the following Monday where a new stage begins. 

Thanks to all of you – teachers and students alike for a wonderful first semester. Enjoy the weekend. 

All best wishes, Peter Nitsche.