Friday news

Dear Parents, Guardians, Students, Graduates and Friends of Open Gate

Along with the new year 2018, there comes another Friday newsletter.

As an introduction, let me wish us all especially a lot of health, which is enough for satisfaction and happiness. And if there’s a little bit of luck and some work and personal successes, it certainly wouldn’t hurt either.

There are no signs of winter here, with 10 degrees plus temperatures all week. It rains occasionally, but the snow does not seem to appear.

The first, shortened week of January was full of traditional events. There once again was the Three-Kings collection, and the meeting of Open Gate graduates also took place once again. Some of them visited the school as a matter of course, and yesterday we welcomed, for example, Leoš, who’s at the Drew University right now, Tereza from Yale, Mariana from Edinburgh and Míša from Groningen. We organized some formal and informal meetings with their future followers, and especially the two-hour discussion with Septima was not only very interesting, informative, valuable, funny and pleasant but also, of course, very stimulating and useful. Thank you all very much, I’ll see the rest (about 60 or 70) tonight.

As early as the first day of school of the new year, from 8 am, Sexta’s portfolio defense of another social sciences project took place and it lasted for two long days.

January is indeed the first month of the year, but for schools, at the same time, it is the last month of the first semester. Naturally, the acquired knowledge and skills will be tested, and new skills will be appreciated.

On Monday, after this year’s first assembly, the t‘Mock Exams’ trial tests will take place. The Oktáva students will take a bite of the atmosphere of the awaiting international exams in April. Good luck!

At the same time, I would like to remind you about the last opportunity to visit the school within an organized Open House day on January 18th.

For the upcoming year, there are naturally many events and experiences awaiting and us, and most importantly, a lot of diligent and responsible work ahead.

So once again, enjoy the year 2018 with a lot of health and happiness!

Petr Chára