Paragraph for Maths Challenge results 2013

The students of Open Gate Upper Gymnasium participated in the November 2013 UKMT Senior Maths Challenge on 7 November. Of the nine participants, 8 earned certificates: Bronze was awarded to Paulina Turcan, Marketa Hrehorova, Martin Svoboda, and Krystina Fiserova, and Petr Manas. The top scorers for OG were three Oktava students: Andrea Mikulandova, Michal Vinarek, and Lukas Chalupa, each earning a silver certificate. Separate awards were given to Chalupa, Herhorova, and Manas for ‘Best in Year’, with Chalupa also earning ‘Best in School’. Congratulations to all the students for their success; we’ll see most of you again next year for another edition.

Andrew Murphy