​School Newspaper of the Year

Today was another great day for our fantastic combined school newspapers: The OG Chronicle, OG NOTes, and the Krognika. Awards for the regional competition for School Newspaper of the Year 2017, sponsored by the Vyssi odborna skola publicistiky, were announced and our school newspapers placed 1st overall in the category of 8-year gymnasiums. We also won 1st place in the individual categories of Content, Cover Page, and Graphic Layout. Thank you to our student editors and writers (Valerie, Kaja, & Honza) who represented us today, but more importantly, thanks to the many students (and teachers) who work so hard to make this 5-language newspaper a success! Congratulations on all of your hard work and good luck in the national competition which will be held in November in Brno.

Trisha Pospíšil