Maturita results

The exam month this year ran from the 5.5. through to the 27.5. Of the 21 candidates this year only 3 chose the IB with Czech Language, 18 chose the complete State Maturita with 14 of them adding to that the entire IB Diploma package, and the remaining three doing Maturita with IB certificates.

The results of the IB will be made known in July but the Czech State Maturita results are here now. All students opted for English and Czech in the State part and in the Profile/School section there were a variety of subject combinations. And here are the results – warts and all:

The State English Language: 18 examinations, 18 straight “Ones.”

The State Czech Language: 9 “Ones,” 8 “Twos”, 2 “Threes”, and 1 “Four,” from a total of 21 exams.

The Profile/School section: 49 straight “Ones,” 4 “Twos,” and 1 “Three,” from 54 exams.

In conclusion then: 15 out of 18 passed with “Distinction,” 9 with all results at straight “One”.

So once again excellent results in English, and very good results (with an exception) in Czech.

The question which begs itself is why do some of our students continually fare below their best at Czech. One does not have to look far for the answer. With all that they have to face during the month of May some of our students have simply and understandably resigned themselves to the fact that Czech just does not figure as of any importance in their future plans. Shocking? Well. Yesterday we witnessed one excellent and hard -working student, determined to forge a career in physics and mathematics, struggling with the finer points of the opus “Kytici “by Karel Erben and we could only feel sympathy. Here is a student who having sat his IB, exhaustedly and expectantly awaiting his results, had yet to sweat Erben.

All of our students deserve our admiration for their stamina, patience and good cheer throughout their month-long exam ordeal. Now all we can all do is to wait. Wait with bated breath that those IB results will be the dreamt of passport to the future.