Friday´s news

Dear Parents, Guardians, Students, Graduates and Friends of Open Gate,

After a two week lay-off here we are again with your regular dose of news from the school.

And this time we will focus attention on some exceptional up-coming events: in around a month’s time The OG Upper Gymnazium English Drama Club will be presenting their first ever all-evening-long play based upon the Charles Dickens work, A Christmas Carol. And if that were not enough The OG Lower Gymnazium Theatre in English will be performing their first English musical, Jasmine and Juniper.

Preparations are understandably at a hectic stage at the moment what with props, costumes and lighting all being prepared almost around the clock; but a professional result is guaranteed. Their reward we trust will be a full house for both performances. Do support them and come to the school to enjoy their efforts. Ticket sales will soon be opened and for just a symbolic price (the proceeds of which will go towards the requirements of a further production) you are assured of an unforgettable evening’s entertainment. For OG students entry is naturally free, and for you parents and other adults the charge is 100kc, for children other that OG it is half price. A bargain!

How do I get hold of tickets? Must be the question uppermost in your minds, and so:

A Christmas Carol, 1st and 2nd December at 19.00, then on the Saturday 3rd December at 14.00 all performances in the OG Theatre. Tickets available: either from

FB directly from

Vlada KulišandDominic Bureš.

Jasmine and Juniper, 8th and 9th December at 19.00,also in the OG Theatre. Tickets availableeither from


or directly from Ms Adamová

Invite everybody, grannies, grandads, uncles, aunts, all your friends and enter into the Christmas spirit!

Whilst on the topic of invitations do not forget that you have an open invitation on the 24th November to our OG Open Day. If you know of any likely pupils (year five) in your locality who would be interested in seeing how OG operates be sure to inform them and their parents of the Open Day . Fortune favours the brave and the well-prepared. The Kellner Family Foundation is once again ready, able and willing, to support those with academic potential, particularly if in financial need. Our first parent/teacher consultations are also on this day so do come and avail yourselves of the opportunity to discuss your children‘sprogress with their teachers. See

Other events taking place in November: 22.11 the History Olympiad, 21.11 the student theatre company KUK at OG, on the 15th we have the Astronomy Olympiad, on the 8th there is the Senior Maths Challenge and the MASO mathematics competition, on the 6th the traditional Velka Kunratice run will see OG participating again, and finally today Open Gate plays host to the regional round of the logics olympiad. 150 contestants accompanied by their parents are here. Last year the outright winner of this event. was our own Vaclav Trpisovsky, and so to him and all other OG participants we wish good fortune and fingers crossed. Finally ČT were here this morning so perhaps you saw us there. We haven’t had time yet to catch up on this.

This Monday coming, the 7th November at 17.00 parents of the upper gymnasium have the chance to attend a forum dedicated to the possibilities open to students wishing to study university abroad. The interest has been such that we have had to move the venue to the theatre in order to cater for all. The theatre has the capacity to hold us all so if at this late stage you are considering coming, please do – there is room.

Today sees a group of our students taking part in the OPEN SCIENCE WEEK as organized by the Akademie ČR. Yesterday’s assembly was presented by Mr Grejták in keeping with the science week on the topic of atoms and molecules jiggling about in everyday life. Fascinating stuff. Thanks Vlado. I really recommend this link

On Wednesday our prima pupils enjoyed their Drakiáda, and in the evening there was the Halloween Disco. There will be countless photos from this soon on the web pages. Not to be missed. Great fun!

On Monday Mr Šrůta devoted his assembly time to the theme of manners and etiquette, with a hosting sample of Bob Dylan. A truly out-of-the-box combination worthy of Petr Šrůta.And, not to forget the Toledo exchange, see

where you will see what our students experienced there.

Open Gate’s professional development programme continues unabated with our teachers attending courses and workshops not only here in the Czech Republic but internationally as well. In this last month alone, our colleagues have participated in IB workshops in Barcelona and Birmingham, in the weeks to come workshops in Amsterdam and Barcelona (again!) await our teachers.

A lot happening as usual at Open Gate. Let’s have a restful weekend. All best,

Peter Nitsche