Pythagoriáda - maths competition

The students of prima in the middle of January attended their first math competition in the colors Open Gate. This competition was Pythagoriády district round, held on Wednesday, 18 January in the school building of Gymnázium Říčany.  By successfully completed a school round, 7 of the prima students qualified for this round. The students were Thea Kratochvílová, Johan Rott, Michal Svoboda, Martin Zilka, Vaclav Soukup, Michal  Medek and Jiří Kovář.

In the district round gathered all successful solvers of the school rounds from our region (altogether about 50 students) and here they had to solve another 15 more or less tricky questions. And the results of our students? In a one word : fantastic. All Prima pupils became successful solvers, ie. correctly solved more than 8 questions and so earned a diploma of successful solvers. And what was their overall ranking compared to others? Graduated 25th – 36rd place with a total of 10 points were Martin Žilka and Michal Medek. Michal Svoboda earned 12 points and shared 11th – 19th place. With 13 points gained on an excellent 4th – 10th place were Václav Soukup and Jiri Kovar. Three students from our district round got the total of 14 points and won the whole competition. I am obviously very pleased that two of these three students are our prima students, particularly so Theo Kratochvilová and Johan  Rott.

Congratulations to all involved for achieving outstanding results, and I believe that the future will bring them other similar successes.

Luděk Michalik