Friday News

Dear Parents, Guardians, Students, Graduates and Friends of Open Gate

Christmas week, the Christmas school bell, Christmas atmosphere, Christmas treats, Christmas movies, Christmas events, Christmas dinners, Christmas parties and yesterday's amazing final Christmas revue.

The campus was covered with snow, snowflakes floated in the air—what more could we wish for in the last advent week?

What’s missing is just to say ‘Merry Christmas’ once again!

Although it looks like Christmas is going to be covered in mud instead of snow in the upcoming days, don’t let that poison your mood. What can we do about it? There is the winter solstice, the nights will be shorter the days longer again. And for half a year, hurray!

And at the same time, it’s the end. The end of the year 2017, but let 2018 live!

A somewhat fateful and inevitable sounding statement, but it's over again: another calendar year, full of many events, experiences and emotions. We cannot change the past, so let’s remember the good and learn from the failures, then boldly and with honor walk through the present, and proudly and with courage look forward to the future.

The year 2017 wasn’t extraordinary for Open Gate, and in the best sense. Traditionally the bar is set high and everything that has happened corresponds to our goals and desires. It was a beautiful and successful year and another one is knocking on our door.

Here in the school environment we typically take a ‘look back’ after the whole school year in June. However, after the first four months of 2017-18, we can definitely say that we have kicked off the right foot again and we are moving in the right direction and at the right pace.

Therefore, what I wish for us in the new year is to continue to do the best we can. And to you all, I of course wish all the best, health especially.

Do not forget to check out the photos on our Facebook or the webpage, and let yourself be inspired by our Christmas atmosphere.

Thank you for your endless support this year, enjoy Christmas and see you soon in another letter, in another year, in which you can look forward to a dose of about 41 greetings and letters.

For all my colleagues in Open Gate, best wishes,

Petr Chára