Virtual Career Fair 2021

Following last year's successful virtual Career Fair, career counsellors from Counselling Services and student coordinators have relaunched the event. This two-month virtual fair explores multiple professions, allowing our students to gain valuable insight from industry experts and seasoned professionals. During the weekly presentations, guest speakers from our OG parents' community and a few outside speakers introduce their professions and share the educational path that led them to where they are today. Students hear excellent advice and can ask questions that help guide their own academic decisions. 

We aim to promote the importance of education and at the same time demonstrate that many paths can lead to a successful career - in certain situations, it requires patience and hard work; other times, it is necessary to take risks in pursuit of goals. Although our speakers represent diverse professions, they echo similar messages that inspire our students. Identifying and setting objectives, being adaptable and flexible, seeing challenges as opportunities, and working through challenges to build resilience are just a few of the tips our speakers touch on during the VCF. Our 14 different speakers represent science and technology, medicine and health sciences, economics, communication advocacy, business, and education.