Friday news from grammar school

Dear parents,  guardians, students and supporters of our school,

I am back this week with another update from OPEN GATE.

Today we had our first day with masks. Truth be told, no one is particularly happy with the need to do so. However, the Coronavirus situation is continually worsening. Therefore, the safety measures at hand are understandable. We will, of course, try to fully utilise the grounds of our campus and hold some lessons outside the school building weather permitting. We would also like to remind students that they are able to spend their breaks outside so that they can take off their masks, even if for only a little while.

We have decided to ban the use of phones inside the cafeteria starting next Monday. The first reason is for hygiene considerations in the Covid-19 era. However, much more important is the second point, which we have been discussing for a long time and which has no connection to the current hygienic situation, the use of mobile phones in the everyday lives of students. We understand that it is quite a controversial topic, which can be looked upon from many different angles. Therefore, this year we will reflect on our current methods and assess whether we will change the guidelines for the use of mobile technologies or not. We have decided to take the first step, which is a restriction of the use of mobile phones in the cafeteria. We are convinced that there is no reason why students should be using mobile phones while consuming or waiting for their food. It is quite likely that not all students will agree with the new measure (and perhaps some parents and guardians). However, we believe that this step will be for the betterment of our students in the end.

Furthermore, I would like to remind you about the Parent Cafe, which will take place on Monday, September 28 from 6 PM (location will be specified). You will have the opportunity to meet with the new management of the school. Apart from our introduction, we will also be prepared to answer your questions. We will send you the invite to this event via a separate e-mail.

You may have noticed increased physical activity from your children. This may have been due to the school taking part in the European Mobility Week, during which everyone should move as much as possible and document their movement. This occurs rigorously during PE lessons, and we hope outside of them, as well. If you were to use the upcoming weekend for some exercise, we would of course be very pleased. European Mobility Week lasts until Tuesday, September 22, thus there is more than enough time for movement and exercise. You can find more information about this project here.

I wish you all a pleasant weekend.