Friday news

Dear Parents, Guardians, Students, Graduates and Friends of Open Gate

This time on Friday as usual, after an extremely demanding week, filled with many events, the traditional newsletter is here again.

In the last two days, autumn has been showing us its more welcoming and friendly side. The sky has finally brightened, the sun has appeared occasionally too, which is after some rainy, foggy and cloudy days very refreshing. Today’s temperature will rise over 10 degrees.

This relatively warm weather accompanied yesterday’s first Open House Day, together with first quarterly parents’ meetings this year. The day was really long and exhausting, but the dozens of meetings with you, the parents of our students or future candidates, were enormously enriching, mutually beneficial and interesting and definitely worth it. A lot of things were said face to face yesterday, so just a brief look back for today.

At the traditional Monday assembly of the Middle School, the finals of the Porta Aperta contest took place and Natan Kratochvil won the students' vote. Congratulations to him and all the other finalists, who gave amazing performances.

This week was also the week of the class part of the OG Science Fair, which is an event of the Science Department to promote scientific awareness. The first presentations of student research projects are behind us, and now that they are finished, the best of them will be presented on 11th December from 14.00 to 18.00 in the OG sports hall, where we also invite you, the parents. Naturally, I will remind you of the event as the deadline appraoches.

Further off, the linguistic and historical competitions have been held, the results of the astronomical one were announced, Septima students were at the theater in Prague, Sexta students were tested in mathematics in the national survey organized by the Ministry of Education, the OG representatives participated in the Čelákovice sports league, there was a presentation of our new academic club - Business and Entrepreneurship Society, and the drama club members had a performance. There’s one action after another, and we are definitely not bored.

Many other events await, and there will be news of these (and many other things) in exactly one week.

Meanwhile, have fun and enjoy the upcoming weekend.

Petr Chára