Schools swimming relay

Every spring two swimming relays take place in Open Gate, the senior and the junior one. For every relay Mrs. Gnadová puts together a team of swimmers, and those teams compete with teams from other schools. The winner gets a trophy, which is very unique this year. For the first time we collaborated with the ceramic club, and Art Education leadership helped as well. After we joined our abilities, a beautiful trophy was created.


Junior relay will take place on 29th March 2017, this year we celebrate the 10th anniversary. For the 10th time ZS Kunratice will join us in this relay. We will also welcome students from ZS Ricany, and for the first time students from the gymnasium Da Vinci in Brezany.


The senior relay will take place on 5th April 2017. Last year we welcomed students from the school Pripotocni. It was really difficult for the students of OpenGate to compete with them, and at the end we lost. This year we want to challenge ourselves, so we are looking forward to their visit. With pleasure we will also compete with the students from the English College and from the Gymnasium of Jan Palach.

See you there!

Adéla Janovská, Michaela Mislerová