​Visit of our German friends

On September 22, the long expected and welcomed guests from Germany finally arrived. In composition of five girls, two Czech and three German, and two Czech boys we spent several days like that. We visited the beauties of our Prague and several other places. The trip to Kutná Hora was astonishing for all of us, because half of our expedition has not seen this town, which is accounted as a part of UNESCO heritage, before. The exchange programme brought new experiences to both sides. Due to differences between our school systems, German students experienced a new way of learning and they improved their English. On the other hand, we had a great opportunity to improve our German, which we certainly utilized. Our great advantage were our exchange students, which indeed fitted to us. Furthermore, there we even had the possibility to introduce these friends to our families during a weekend. We as well as our families enjoyed this time and we even had the opportunity to visit a luxurious castle Konopiště. However, German students had to leave on October 2, but we have gained good experience out of this exchange. We would like to thank our school for the opportunity to get to know German culture and to make new friends.

Václav Loula