Friday news

Dear Parents, Guardians, Students, Graduates and Friends of Open Gate,

Brief greetings from Babice, where we’ve got near-spring weather.

It is the end of the first semester, the pedagogical meeting awaits us in the afternoon, in which we evaluate grades, select students who receive extraordinary awards, and identify students who will be offered a helping hand and support. We will bring all the statistics next week; overall the predicted results are traditionally excellent, and the vast majority of students will be really happy with the report. The joy is of course also shared by us, the teachers, and it will also surely be with you at home. So big congratulations in advance!

Today I would like to mention two events. The first of them was the Monday’s assembly, guest Tomáš Slavata, ( with his incredible life story. His will and his enthusiasm really left an extraordinarily deep impression. For myself, I can honestly say that although my personal and working life is fully satisfying and full of happiness, I have been given a strong impulse to go into other untested waters, continue to work on myself, deepen my knowledge and develop. And I’m sure that for our ‘youth’ it was more great motivation.

Last time I mentioned and acknowledged Sofia and from the reactions on FB it’s apparent that it really interested you, which is great, thanks! Today, I will give you another opportunity, Lauren Muldoon from Kvinta possess another great unhidden talent and has successfully passed the demanding international exams of the ABRSM (the Associated Board of the Royal School of Music) in piano and music theory. This exam is for exceptionally talented students and a number of universities recognize it when awarding a scholarship. More big congratulations!

So for today, there are just these three nice paragraphs, and more is awaiting you in 6 days, on Thursday.

Have a good day and enjoy the weekend!

Petr Chára