Maths Challenge news

It was the most successful year yet for the math students of OG. Six students took part in the UK Intermediate Mathematical  Challenge, all of them earning certificates including three golds. Filip Chalupa and Pavel Munduch earned gold, but were slightly overshadowed by newcomer Alisa Timiryasova. She  scored one point higher than the others and not only earned the award for ‘Best in School’, but also advanced to the Grey Kangaroo and received a certificate of merit.  In the Senior Challenge, the students earned  two bronze, four silver, and two gold awards. Silver was awarded to Pavel Munduch, Jan Chalupný, Martin Jaroš, and Václav Soukup. The top award, the gold certificate was earned by Martin Kábrt and Šimon Podhajský. Podhajský was also the ‘Best in School’ for this, his final, year. This was the fifth consecutive year of OG participation in the competitions.

Andrew Murphy