Gold Edie returns to the OPEN GATE after two years

The group - which two years ago in Romania earned the gold level of Duke of Edinburgh Award - has a new group of followers this year. Four brave and enduring septima students - Christine Hříbalová, Filip Chalupa, Susan Leopold and Nikola Chadimová - anticipating the culmination of their efforts to obtain similar rewards ie the Gold Certificate of Duke of Edinburgh Award. Before setting off on a final expedition to the Slovak Rudohorie they had to participate in a series of preparatory meetings and activities. Among them was the first aid course of the Czech Red Cross, preparatory mini-expedition in Český Ráj, and weekend working eperience in a vineyard. Of course there was also a year-long continuous improvement of their skills and abilities in three areas - sport, volunteering, and other skills.

Now, all that’s left to do is to wish them good luck in their week expedition in the mountains of Slovakia, during which they must rely only on themselves and their contact via mobile-phone, Mr. Vlado Grejtak (serving as our school expert for Slovakia, ensuring their transport and potential solution of any crisis situations). We certainly wish them good luck and great success!

Luděk Michalik