News from OG

Dear Parents, Guardians, Students, Graduates and Friends of Open Gate,

From twenty-four hour frosts to the balm of cloudy foggy above freezing temperatures; what a crazy weather week.

Another first for Open Gate this week though; our new lower gymnazium Drama Club put the finishing touches to their “Jasmine and Juniper” production. A full dress rehearsal for the junior school and for us in the gymnasium too. The full public premiere was yesterday evening, and what a success it was! I will not spoil the event for you by giving away the plot and message – do go and see for yourselves, you will not be disappointed. All who took part, both actors and behind the scenes facilitators - ushers, cloakroom attendants, props, soundtrack engineers, refreshments, cd sales, flower arrangers . . . all worked with enthusiasm and a joy that is rarely seen. To sort someone out for individual praise would be a travesty. I repeat, do attend the performance this evening if you at all can.

Last week you were informed of the hot-off-the-press results pertaining to our national position as concerns the competition “School magazine of the year.” The results are now official, and you may enjoy them for yourselves on:

And to read our magazine itself, please see

Whilst on the web do read the report of the visit to Dresden and other recent events at OG.

One of our graduates, year 2011, Maja Salomonova returned last Monday and Tuesday to present her project, “Nevypust dusi,” aimed at students of kvinta. And on Wednesday and Thursday Mr Sruta followed in a similar socio-psychological vein with his sexta project.

Our students with a bent towards medical science now attend the recently formed “OG Medical Society.” Their exciting projects are reported on:

This afternoon a group of students from our partner school in Toledo will be arriving. Awaiting them is first a weekend with their host families followed by a richly devised programme in school as organized by Ms Caba and team. Many thanks.

For those graduates who may have forgotten the unique atmosphere of Christmas at OG may I remind them with this ditty of their experience here:

I feel it in my finger, I feel it in my toes, Christmas is all around me . . . Let it snow

So this is Christmas, and what have you done . . . .

Christmas revue on Tuesday 20th from 19.30, after which you may take your children home for the holidays should you so wish. Wishing you all a wonderful third Advent weekend. Peter Nitsche.