If you watched the national news on the 14th of October, you may have heard about an event called TEDxYouth held locally here at the International School of Prague. TEDxYouth events are independently organized by students and teachers anywhere in the world. The event on the 14th marks the third year of organization for ISP, and we were lucky enough to receive tickets to attend. A group of seven OG delegates (Mája a Vojta Kolomazníkovi, Beth Janečková, Honza Hrebík, Helča Kosová along with the Head of English Mrs. Pospíšil and her friend Brandi Pavelková, ESL Head at Sunny Canadian) took the opportunity and traveled all the way to Nebušice where ISP is located.

Although Maja and Mrs. Pospíšil had attended the event last year and knew what to anticipate, this year was far beyond our expectations. We knew that each talk would be meaningful, packed with originality and amazing thought and ideas, however, we were totally caught off guard when we learned that most of the sixteen speakers were students the same age (or younger!) as us. Together, the speakers covered a variety of topics including science, art, and music or mental health. For the exact information and the names of the speakers visit ISP’s official TEDx site.

All of the talks had a large impact on everyone in the room and stirred up many thoughts and conversations – exactly the point of TED’s motto which is “Ideas Worth Spreading”. To break up the longer talks, we were treated to a few breathtaking performances on the piano which made it possible for the speeches to really settle in. I believe I can speak for all of us when I say that it was an incredible and worthwhile experience that opened our eyes to new possibilities and ideas. On top of that, we were shocked (yet excited) when the event’s MCs announced that the winner of the Vodafone door prize was none other than our very own Vojta Kolomazník from kvarta. Vodafone was one of the two sponsors of the event.

Lastly, I would like to personally congratulate the ISP organization team for arranging and coordinating such an amazing and successful TEDxYouth event; they have truly set the bar very high for us as we continue planning ours. To all the speakers who gave such inspiring and enriching speeches, well done and thank you for sharing your personal stories. Finally, I would like to thank Mrs. Pospíšil who gave us the opportunity to visit TEDxYouth@ISPrague.

If you are sad and wishing that you, too, could be a part of such an incredible event, do not fret, as we will be organizing our own TEDxYouth@OpenGateSchool to be held on 21 April 2018. Follow us on social media so that you will be kept up-to-date as our speakers are announced and our tickets become available. We at Open Gate know that we have many of our own great ideas that are definitely “worth spreading!”

Helena Kosová