Iran in OG Café

Taking Open Gate to Iran would be very difficult indeed, but on Thursday 2. 5. four Septima students (Nicole Čumbová, Jiřina Porubová, Helena Severová and Linda Miková) managed to bring Iran to Open Gate. As their IB CAS project, they organized a cultural afternoon/evening at the student cafe. The place was thematically decorated, and the event was initiated with an informative myth-busting presentation by Nicole, who spent two years in the country, complete with objective facts as well as stories and personal experience. Participants could then test their understanding of Iran with a competition in the form of a Kahoot! game, the winners receiving Iranian scarves and goodies. This was followed by a projection of a documentary about the country. Throughout the entire event, participants could experience the tastes of Iran as well, with traditional cuisine such as polow (jeweled rice), complemented with baklava, nuts and tea. Additional  activities were also on offer; a thematic photo spot was available for participants to try on traditional Iranian clothing, and they had the chance to learn about the language of Iran’s predominant religion with an Arabic writing workshop.