Christmas news

Dear Parents, Guardians, Students, Graduates and Friends of Open Gate,

Another year over, and what a year it has been. From the school’s point of view this has been a most successful year – there is no space here to remind you all of everything that has happened, after all you have your regular weekly updates from the school to keep you informed, add to that the material now available on Facebook and our web and you should have access to everything! So this letter today will be all about our appreciation to

Our graduates, who are in constant contact with us so much so that a goodly representation came to have Christmas dinner with us yesterday. And thanks to those graduates who visited us last Friday to inform our senior students about the joys and pitfalls of study in England, Scotland, the Netherlands, Austria, Spain, Canada and Australia. Informative and professionally presented. Many thanks to you all.

Our students, who have worked so hard during the year not only on their academic studies but also working and helping around the campus whenever and wherever there was some special project on hand. Thanks to you.

Our Parental body, for your support and faith in what we try to do here at Open Gate; we are here for you and your children but without your reinforcement all would be a trifle difficult.

Our campus staff, all of you too many to name – you are the unsung heroes of the school. Much appreciation is due you.

Our founders without whom none of us would be here. Many thanks for your vision of a beacon school.

To Mr Seccombe, who made the marathon journey from his home town of Bath in the UK, just to be with us for a short while and to present to the junior gymnasium his traditional Christmas assembly with naturally his trademark singing of “Mary had a Baby,” and the irreplaceable “The River is Flowing.”

Yesterday evening we all enjoyed our traditional Christmas dinner and Revue. The twelfth – is it possible! You can taste something of the atmosphere by checking out our web site report of the event.Again, thanks to all concerned for ensuring that all went off with joy, albeit tinged with a little sadness as we had to say farewell to our Mrs Errington who as you know will be moving with her family to New Zealand in the New Year. She will be sorely missed.

The New Year is upon us, may I wish you, on behalf of us all, a 2017 that is full of all that you wish for yourselves; good health, happiness and joy in all that you do.

With all best wishes, Peter Nitsche