Online learning with Microsoft Teams

We have tried various platforms for online learning, and we have chosen Microsoft Teams (MT) for both the Open Gate primary school and grammar school. 

We’ve considered the following criteria:

  • verified platform for online learning in schools,
  • easy installation / connection of the Open Gate students via web interface and students logging in with their school emails,
  • selection of all necessary features for online learning, such as video conferencing, shared documents, desktop sharing, whiteboard projection, scheduled tasks, etc.,
  • well-managed security of online communication,
  • expert support from a trusted provider.

If you would like to get acquainted with MT, we recommend this video or the portal Škola na dálku.

Teaching is happening in all subjects, the curriculum is covered, and the students are not behind in any classes. We focus on key outcomes and we are aware of the irreplaceable role of subjects such as physical education or music education in psychohygiene. At the primary school, we are starting video-oases, preparing an overview of the organization of each day and setting the amount of work based on the responses we have from you. 

The goal of our online lessons is not to have 100% lessons in video mode. Traditionally, we lead children to independence, especially at the grammar school. We do not want them alongside with their teachers to spend the whole day in front of the screens. We also follow the psychologists' recommendations for distance learning: there is a consensus among experts that all-day online learning is too much for students from pedagogical and psychological view, and we are looking for a balance between online learning and the tasks that students complete on their own.