Great success in the Czech Olympiad for Tomáš Titěra

On Friday 8th February and on Monday 11th February a regional round of the Czech Olympiad took place at Gymnázium J. S. Machara in Brandýs nad Labem. Our students also took part in this popular contest which is well known for a very strong competition. This year the following students attended this event - Adéla Brzobohatá and Matej Svoboda (both Tercie) for the younger age category and Tomáš Titera and Ján Michalcák (both Septima) for the elder age category. Tomáš Titera celebrated a great success this time as he placed 1st and is going to participate in the next round in April. I would like to thank all the participants for a wonderful representation of our school, congratulate Tomáš for this excellent result and wish him the very best in the next round.

Lenka Chárová Zahořová