Our students performed brilliantly in Logical Olympiad

Two weeks ago five students of our school - Pavel Munduch, Martin Jaroš, Martin Kábrt, Zuzka Matějková a Marek Svoboda - took part in the regional round of a competition called Logical Olympiad. This competition is organized for grammar school students by the MENZA club. To reach the regional round, our students had to finish among the first four hundred students out of 4044 in the qualification round; I would like to congratulate all of them who managed it.

In the regional round, all of our students were excellent. Among the fifty participants from Středočeský kraj, Pavel Munduch earned 24th place, Marek Svoboda was 19th, Martin Kábrt 13th, Martin Jaroš 4th and Zuzka Matiášová 2nd. Thanks to all of them, we became the most successful school from Středočeský kraj. The last two students mentioned also qualified individually for the national final which is taking place in the House of Parliament of Czech Republic on Monday the 30th. We all wish them good luck.

Luděk Michalík