Friday news from grammar school

Dear Parents, Guardians, Students, Graduates, and Friends of Open Gate.

The first six weeks of this school year are over, and the second week of October was accompanied by low temperatures and frequent rain showers, but with the approaching weekend the sky is clearing up and a real Indian summer will arrive shortly.

Today we will start this extraordinarily brief report with information about the traditional Monday assembly (for older students for a change) this time organized by colleagues from the English Department. Thank you!

During the week there were other preventive seminars prepared by the counseling center. Prima students recieved an introduction to internet security, Sekunda students encountered the field of cyberbullying, and Sexta students dealt with the topic of drug addiction.

On Thursday 10.10. at 10:10 AM a new important event was published on FB; the graduation ball of this year's Oktava, which will také place on a magic date of 22.2. 2020.

If you’re already on FB, you will also read about this year's round of the Logical Competition, whose regional rounds are coming soon and one will be traditionally held at the OPEN GATE.

Of course, you can also look back at the OG Food Fest and view the photo gallery.

You will also find out on our website why there is a strange silence on our campus this week. The reason for that is because our elementary school pupils are on an stay in the autumn countryside.

On Thursday, another meeting was held in the field of university and career counseling, this time about study opportunities in Switzerland.

And of course another round of FLOG, our floorball league, continued and was preceded by a friendly match with floorball players from Říčany on Wednesday.

Next week Sexta will go on a literary excursion, Kvinta will particpate in a first aid course, a visit to the school of St. Augustine awaits our Spanish students, table tennis players await a tournament in Čelákovice, Septima will have another preventive program and you, the parents, will have the opportunity to visit the Parents‘ Cafe, this time on the topic of Managebac. You received the invitation this morning but just to remind you, the date is Wednesday the 16th at 6pm.

As I said in the introduction, a sunny weekend is approaching, so take advantage of it and go out and enjoy it to the fullest.

Until next time,