Kvarta Visits the Jewish Museum in Prague

On the thirteenth of December we went to Prague to find out more about Jewish history and also about Franz Kafka. We went there with our teachers from the English department (Mr.Witt, Miss Drabková and Miss Procházková) and Mr.Šrůta from the Czech department. We travelled by bus from school to the centre of Prague. When we arrived at a meeting spot, teachers divided us into two groups. The plan was that the first group would go to the Jewish museum with Miss Drábková and Miss Procházková, and the second, would go tracing the path of Franz Kafka´s life around the historical city centre with Mr Witt and Mr Šrůta. We all met for lunch and a little chat. After that we had a great opportunity to listen to the story of a Holocaust survivor, 90-years-old Mr Toman Brod, who was shared with us his life experiences and struggles during the Second World War concentration camps. After that activities changed and so the first group had their tour about Franz Kafka and second went to the museum.

I personally was in the first group so we went to the museum first. It was fantastic. First of all, we had some general information about the Jewish people then about the Second World War and in the end, we visited the Jewish cemetery. After Jewish cemetery, we went back to the Jewish centre where we had to wait for the Holocaust survivor, and it was worth the wait. The story was amazing, we learned that sometimes in some situations it was pure luck that helped the people to keep going and to survive. Then we had a pause for lunch and we went with Mr Witt and Šrůta on the tour about Franz Kafka, but he had almost no time so we managed only small part of what we wanted to. In the end, we had a little fun because one of our classmates got lost because he followed wrong group so we had to wait for him. We returned very tired but we enjoyed the day.

Nikita Zaharanycnyj

The Jewish Museum

We left from school at eight o’clock,

If we’d missed the bus, we would have to walk.

In the second group I was with my friends,

We were a bit late and Mr. Witt was really tense.

At first we had a little tour,

About Kafka’s death we weren’t really sure.

With Mr. Brod we had an interview,

About much information we didn’t have a clue.

We visited a synagogue and Jewish cemetery,

I have to say that it was a bit scary.

On the way back we had to run,

but still, we had a lot of fun!

Amálie Anna Kulhánková