3rd and 4th graders, what´s new?

This week Class 3 students brought some wonderful photos in from when they were young(er). They practiced speaking and comparing themselves from the past to now. They worked on the sentence structure: “I had blonde hair when I was 5 years old, but now I have brown hair.” The children did a good job switching back and forth between past and present tense verb usage. It was nice for me to see all of the pictures of the children and to be able to see how much they have changed over a short time. The students seemed to really enjoy the activity and reflect on the past. Thanks for your help in sending the great photos in to school.

This week we had a wonderful presentation in Class 4 by our classmate Ellen Lišková. When she was on holiday in Italy she learned about Otzi the Iceman, a 5,000 year old skeleton found preserved in an iceberg. She was so interested in the story that she made a great Powerpoint presentation to teach the rest of the class about what she has learned. We will continue these student presentations over the next couple of months, hearing from 2 students each week about a topic that is personal to them. The students seemed to be really excited to present about their hobbies, interests, adventures, etc., and I am equally excited to see all of them in the spotlight.