Friday news from Primary school

Good afternoon all,

I hope you all had an enjoyable week. It may be May but unfortunately the weather doesn’t seem to think so. It has been decidedly Irish weather all week, Irish summer weather!

That said, we all had an enjoyable week in Open Gate.

On Monday, there were class meetings where I am sure the class teachers gave you all the details about Presentation Week and School in Nature. We are all looking forward to School in Nature and the Krkonoše Mountains are beautiful. Fingers crossed the weather will have improved by then!

On Tuesday, classes 4 and 5 had a lovely day out at Prague Zoo. Fortunately we were lucky with the weather and we spent a few hours wandering around and admiring all the beautiful creatures’ great and small that were there. It is always difficult to choose a favourite animal but talking with classes 4 and 5 yesterday, the clear favourite were the goats, though I think we were lucky to get there during feeding time which was a lot of fun!

Class 2 are working on a project in activity centres at the moment. The topic of their project in Space and it is very interesting so if you are near class 2, drop by and check it out!

Next week, on Wednesday morning, some of the students from classes 4 and 5 will go to Čelákovice to take part in an athletics competition.

On Thursday next week, we will have more sporting representatives from classes 4 and 5, this time for a touch rugby tournament at Stadion Marketa in Prague.

We all wish our sporting 4th and 5th graders the very best of luck for the athletics and touch rugby next week and I am sure they will do Open Gate very proud both days!

Other than that, we all wish you a very nice weekend. Fingers crossed we will have some pleasant weather and can get out and enjoy the spring time!