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Class 1 has been working with Abilities this past week. For example, I can run/jump/play/climb/etc. To help them with this we created an art piece called the Runner. They used their tracing, cutting and gluing skills to make some shapes for The Runner. They glued them to their canvas and drew a wonderful runner's paradise surrounding their Runner. The art pieces came out wonderfully and can be seen outside of the classroom. Come and check them out!

Class 2

This week in class 2, we had various interesting activities. We learned about toys and Venn diagrams, and this is the reason why the children had to bring their own toys to school on Wednesday. The students talked about their toys and used them to create their own Venn diagram in small groups. In addition, we had some fun games with the intent to practise the new vocabulary about toys. We also practised some grammar aspects (she’s got and he’s got). (FM)

As winter is coming, we had an amazing art project: the students were supposed to draw the Saint Martin Horse, and they were supposed to colour it blue and cover it with snowflakes. The final result was astonishing as each child was supposed to use their own creativity. (FM)

In class 2 for PE this week, we did some great work of agility, coordination and balance and we also had some very tightly contest races which were a lot of fun! (LR)

Class 3

Class 3 has been working hard this week to finish up their Voyager time capsules. A few more minutes of work on Monday and they will be ready to present their project to the Open Gate Space Commission to see which Voyager will get the go ahead. We are all excited to see the final results!

Class 4

In class 4 this week, we learnt about the Berlin Wall and how the city was divided from 1961 to 1989. We also learnt about different government types, how elections work and fake news. (LR)

Class 5

In class 5 this week, we did some work on our robotics. We also had our first class presidential round of voting. No candidate achieved more than 50% of the vote so we will have a second round of voting next week. We will have Chloe Liba, Ellen Liskova and Robert Satera in the second round of voting. I look forward to announcing the successful candidate in next week’s post. (LR)

Robotics PV

These week we broke out the LEGO Mindstorms, expect some serious robots soon from two of the groups. The other two groups are in the middle of building a cat and a guitar from the LEGO boost packs too. Looking forward to seeing all the wonderful creations in action! Check out the pics! (LR)