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We had a great art activity this week with Monika. The students used clay, beads, wire and leaves to create and Autumn caterpillar. They helped find some colorful leaves on the playground to use for the body of the caterpillar. The head was made out of the clay and beads. They students had a lot of fun getting their hands dirty in the clay, forming the head, eyes and mouth. The finished caterpillars were great, but quite fragile. I hope some of them make it home in 1 piece to display at home. Until then, we have them on display on the window sill of the long hallway. Come and have a look! (ED)

Class 2

In class 2 for PE this week, we had to stay in the classroom as the sports hall was unavailable. But we still had a lot of fun. We did some activities to test judgment such as drawing a line as close to 50 centimetres, sitting down after 30 seconds or as close to it as possible and throwing to practice aim. It was a very enjoyable class! (LR)

We have also been learning about Venn diagrams in Class 2 this week. The children had a lot of fun coming up with different ideas and we even made live diagrams with children standing in hoops. In art with Monika, they made their own collages of diagrams for different things – toys, food, flowers, trees and even cleaning supplies. (JU)

Class 3

This past week saw the culmination of the Open Gate Voyager 2019 project. The students put the finishing touches on their poster/time capsules. They were very attentive to time and detail, making sure that everything was right. As a group, they expertly presented their Voyager, making the case why theirs is the most important time capsule and needs to be sent into space to greet any intelligent life that may be found. The students had a lot of fun creating this. Come check out the Voyager posters hanging outside the classroom next week! (ED)

Class 4

In class 4 this week, we continued learning about the Cold War. We learnt about the Bay of Pigs Invasion and the Cuban Missile Crisis. We also had our improve comedy practice which is always a lot of fun. And I must apologise to the class 4 parents for the homework I gave on Tuesday, annoying parents my practising the phrases we learnt in class that day! But the students said they enjoyed the homework a lot! (LR)

This week in Class 4, we had some fun role-playing visits to the doctor’s office. The children came up with all sort of health problems and their classmates, the doctors, gave some interesting advice. I’m not sure if drinking water is going to cure a cold, but they were definitely creative! (JU)

Class 5

In class 5 this week, we had a very enjoyable trip to Prague to visit the office and residence of the Mayor of Prague, Zdeněk Hřib. It was a very interesting day and we are very grateful to the Mayor for giving his time and sharing his experiences with us. (LR)