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Class 1 was a big help this week in the sales of the Christmas Poinsettias (Vanoční Hvěvdy). They created excellent posters by drawing/coloring the beautiful holiday flowers and pasting the sales information around the poster. They are hung all around the school and have been fueling the sales of the Poinsettias this week with the money going to a charity supporting a hospital in Olomouc. (ED)

Class 2

In Class 2, we have been busy getting ready for the Christmas show. In our art class, we made props for the show and decorated them. It was a lot of fun! Class 2 also took their first Grammar Review today and they’ve clearly made a lot of effort so I’m sure the results will be worth it! (JU)

Class 3

This week was a tough one in Class 3 as we had our first Grammar Test of the year, covering the first 3 Units of the Incredible English book. We did a bit of review in the class last week and on Monday this week. The students seemed a bit worried going into it, but I hope the results show how hard they have been studying. We will review the completed tests with the students on Monday so they are clear about the mistakes they made. (ED)

Class 4

We’re still waiting for the proper December weather, but Class 4 is already getting in the spirit of Winter Wonderland by creating some beautiful winter landscapes. They used a variety of techniques to create amazing snowy pictures. (JU)

In class 4 this week, we had a visit from Svatý Mikuláš and his angels and devils on Thursday morning to see who had been naughty and nice. We also had an enjoyable morning oasis reflecting on what we did well this year and how we weren’t always so good but how we can improve in 2020. (LR)

Class 5

In class 5 this week, we started preparing for the Christmas show. It will be something of a retro performance in terms of the class but with a fresh twist on it. But you will have to wait until the Christmas show to find out! (LR)