Let’s take a look...


Class 1 this week had a very fun and creative art class with our Art Assistant, Monika. We wanted to make something cute and Christmas-themed for the Christmas market on Tuesday. The students worked very hard choosing colors, arranging "lights", and hanging them into their trees. They turned out very well and surely will be a hot commodity at the market. (ED)

Class 2

This week, the Class 2 children made beautiful Christmas wreaths out of coloured paper. They turned out great and we had lots of fun making them. The wreaths will be for sale at the Christmas show on Tuesday, so you can buy them to decorate your homes for Christmas.

Class 2 has also been learning some Christmas songs and carols and even invented their own special dance for “Twelve Days of Christmas.” (JU)

Class 3

We've been hard at work this week in Class 3. Half of the time we've focused on our Grammar Tests, reviewing and retaking the exam (with much better results the 2nd time around), and the other half spent preparing for our Christmas performance. The students will surely be exhausted this weekend,  but anxiously anticipating the coming week's performance and celebrations. (ED)

Class 4

In class 4 this week, we learnt about Christmas in Ireland. We saw all the tasty food that Irish people have for Christmas dinner. Unfortunately it was 9:00 on a Thursday morning and by the end of the class we were all very hungry! We also learnt that in Ireland, it is a tradition to swim in the sea on Christmas day. It is a fun tradition though it is very, very cold. But it makes you very hungry for Christmas dinner! (LR)

Class 4 has had a great week getting in the spirit of Christmas and they made some lovely Christmas art - little reindeer out of paper that can also be used as Christmas cards. They were all very creative and some children even made other animals – a crocodile and a bear! (JU)

Class 5

In class 5 this week, we attended a class given by four of the gymnasium students in the Robotics Club as part of a project they are doing. The presentation was excellent and the class really enjoyed it. They learnt how programming works and how the club members go about designing and building robots. And they even got to play with the robot designed by the club last year! (LR)