Let’s take a look...

Class 1

In Class 1 this week we read our first book with full sentences. The students have been working hard all year with their grammar lessons and they are beginning to tie it all together. It was great to see them sound out the words and then see the words form the sentences. I can see them becoming great readers already! (ED)

Class 2

In Class 2, we have started practising for the Spelling bee and we even had a small competition in the classroom this week. I have to say I am impressed by their enthusiasm and hard work. Although this is their first year taking part, all of the Class 2 children have been trying really hard and they’re also having fun! (JU)

Class 3

In Class 3, we read a book about the Kiwi bird and used this opportunity to talk about some special New Zealand birds. We also made pictures of some of them – Kiwi, Takahe, Fantail and Kea. The children enjoyed listening to stories about these birds and finding out about their habitat. (JU)

Class 4

In class 4 this week we learnt about homophones, in particular words that sound the same but have different meanings, for example, can you see the sea? They were very good at it! (LR)

Class 4 have started preparing for the PET exam, which they will hopefully take in about a year. We talked about why this exam is useful and what it entails. The students tried one of the reading parts and we watched a video of the speaking part. Some children seemed to find the whole process daunting; however, I have no doubts they will all work hard and succeed in the end! (JU)

Class 5

In class five this week, we received our first pen pal letters from Grantham Village School in New Hampshire in the USA. The class were very excited to receive them and I am looking forward to hearing all about their new pen friends. (LR)

In class 5 we started doing some prep work for our Podcast project which Eric and Luke will be doing in February so look forward to some excellent broadcasting! (LR and ED)