Let’s take a look..

Class 1

This week in class one, the children engaged in lots of fun activities. In English classes, we worked on incredible English where we revised vocabulary about family members and colours, and we also started learning about food. In addition, we had our usual phonics games, and we practised the sounds made by the letters /w/ and /Y/.  In art lessons, each child created a honeybee that they will wear during the Open Gate Spelling Bee completion. 

Class 2

Although there weren’t many children present this week in Class 2, we still had a lot of fun. We had our Class Spelling Bee on Wednesday and we also learned a lot about shapes. The children ade some great pictures by cutting out shapes and gluing them onto the paper.

Class 3

This week, Class 3 is learning a lot of about different kinds of birds, so it was the perfect time to finish our art project. We also talked a lot about the different kinds of birds you can see in the Czech Republic.

Class 4

This week in class 4, we talked about lots of interesting things. In English classes, we had a lesson in the History of Africa: we focused on customs of people who inhabited Mozambique before the arrival of the Arabs and the Portuguese, Mozambique during the colonialism/imperialism, and after the independence. We also played our phonics games, and the emphasis was placed on the sounds /est/, /less/, and /ly/.

Class 5

Class 5 had an amazing time in the Krkonos Mountains for the week. There was plenty of fun and laughter, both on the ski slopes, during the music quiz and dancing their socks off during the disco. It wasn’t all play as they had enrichment to help prepare for the gymnasium exams but they were all very diligent during those times. This year was our second ski trip and it has quickly become an excellent annual tradition for class 5, not least because this group of students are all fantastic students and a wonderful group of people!