Mozambican Art and Pirate Poems in 3rd and 4th grade

This week Class 3 had a special presentation of Mozambican art and culture by Felizardo. He talked a bit about the history of the country, as well as a particular artist who, through his artwork, helped to shape the history. This artist was Malangatana Ngwenya.

The students each had an opportunity to color a famous piece of art by Malangatana. Many of the students did an excellent job coloring and decorating it, while others we are still waiting to see their finished masterpieces. If you find either the Mozambique art or their Name Doodles at home this weekend, please see to it that they complete them and bring them on Monday for display with the rest of the wonderful Class 3 works.

Class 4 enjoyed reading the ORT book titled, Pirate Poems. Each group worked hard to read, analyze and memorize (some) their poem in preparation to present them to the rest of the class. Many of them even recited the poems in their best pirate accents. They all had a lot of fun with the activity. If you catch your children swashbuckling, pillaging, or plundering this weekend, I have no idea where they got such ideas!