News from Mr. E

Class 3

This week we moved back to our World Culture lessons after taking some week’s off during the holidays. The students learned about the Feats of Man on Earth: some of the amazing structures that humans have built. We started this week learning about Stonehenge, the Taj Mahal, the Pyramids at Giza, Angkor Wat and Petra. They already knew most of them by name and all of them by sight, but learned a bit more about what they are, how old they are and where to find them around the world. Even made wonderful pieces of art of Stonehenge. Look for them hanging in the halls next week!

Class 4

This week we began reading an interesting story titled: Titanic Survivor. While the Titanic is something all of the children know about somewhat, I feel like many of them didn’t know much in depth about the situation and the disaster. That allowed us to talk a little bit about the times leading up to the Titanic, and why many people from Europe were taking the journey across the Atlantic to the Americas. I realize the topic can get a little deep and dark at times, but I feel it is a topic that needed to be discussed to really understand the story of the Titanic and the dreams of a better life abroad. The students capped off the week making wonderful drawings of the storied boat as it set sail across the ocean. We will continue the story next week and finish the art work to adorn the hallways of the school.