News from Mr. E

Class 3

This week, as Spring is most definitely upon us, Class 3 took the time to pay homage to one of their favorite Spring critters, the hummingbird. They spent an art lesson learning how to draw, drawing and coloring beautiful hummingbird pictures and scenes. Look for them this week in the halls outside their classroom, and soon coming to a refrigerator near you!

Class 4

This week we officially started the English Presentations for Class 4. We had 3 wonderful presentations on Friday from Tomík Doulík, Dominik Kala and Kačka Votlučková. We learned some very interesting facts about the island of Mallorca from Tom. Dominik told us all about his favorite hobby: Downhill Biking. And Kačka opened up the door to her life and gave everyone a glimpse of her lifeline, from birth until now. They were all great presentations and made us excited for more next week!