News from Mr E

Class 3

A few pics of Class 3 this week as they did a bit of theatre work in presenting the Phonics words that we are learning. This week we worked on the /f/ sound with words including F, FF, PH and GH. The students had a few minutes to prepare a short skit trying to get the rest of the class to guess which word they had. The students really enjoy the creativity and free form they are able to use in this exercise.

Class 4

We saw some wonderful presentations over the last couple of weeks. Stella gave us an inside look at her trip to Indonesia earlier this year. She spoke highly of the bustling metropolis of Jarkarta, and also of the beautiful ocean surrounding the islands. Last week, we had three presentations by Luky, Lucka K and Denis. Luky told all about Friday the 13th and the legends/myths surrounding the unlucky day. Lucka let us into the doors of her Krkonoše cottage. She also told us quite a bit about the history of the mountains. Denis shared his excitement over the Star Wars movie series and the impact it’s had on people all over the world. Two weeks ago were 3 more presentations by Ivan, Kája and Anna. Ivan presented about the game of Rugby, its history and its relation to other sports. Kája told us all about the Italian Alps. And Anna let us know everything we need to know about snowboarding in hopes that one of us will become the next Ester Ledecká. All of them were truly great presentations. Next week we will finish with 3 more and that will wrap up the English presentations and then they can focus on their end of year Czech/English presentations. Best of luck!