News from 3rd and 4th grade

We’ve been working on speaking the Past Tense with “There was” and “There were” with Class 3 this week. For a bit of extra speaking practice we looked at some photos from the early 20th century and made some “Then and Now” comparisons. The students enjoyed seeing the old photos and thinking about how different things could have been if they were born 100 years ago. Here are a few photos of some of the students presenting their photos and findings.

Class 4 had a tough week with lots of work taking the KET mock exams, as well as a Spelling Test. It was very nerve-racking and exhausting for them, so I promised we would take it easy on Friday. Since the weather was nice, we went outside to play a game of Rounders. This is a game they played last year with their former teacher and head of the English department, Luke, and they have loved playing it ever since. I played baseball when I was a child so I knew the concept, but there were plenty of rules that the students filled me in on. It was a nice day out playing Rounders in the sun (and wind)!