Mr. E for 3rd and 4th grade!

Class 3

This week we did our Phonics class a little bit differently than normal. We decided to add a little bit of theatre to our class room and let the students act out all of the words. In groups of 4 students, they were given 2 words per group with a picture to go with the word. Each group was able to come up with a small skit/play to represent the words. The other groups tried to guess what word they were acting out. The students seemed to really enjoy the activity. It allowed them to be more active, creative and free thinking in the classroom.

Class 4

The Northern Cardinal is the state bird of Indiana. They can commonly be seen throughout the wintertime in my childhood backyard. I have felt a little bit homesick this winter as I’ve seen only a few birds in my yard here, and I haven’t seen any Cardinals. The students thought it would be a nice idea to paint some winter cardinals to spruce up the hallways here and bring a bit of my memories from home to Open Gate. Here are a few of the ones that were painted by Class 4.